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The Silencing effect: digital gender-based violence against women in leadership

With digital spaces becoming the main forum for public discussions, how can women remain engaged, visible, and relevant in their professional spheres?


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The Covid-19 crisis impacted women in many ways; however, with digital spaces becoming the main forum for social interactions and public discussions in this new context, women are now obliged to navigate the minefield of where misogyny meets technology to remain engaged, visible and relevant in their professional spheres.

The Brussels Binder, a database for women policy experts, together with Bruegel and The German Marshall Fund of the United States, a consortium that aims to advance the visibility of women in public debates through the BBBeyond project, has partnered up with GenPol whose recent report highlights the impacts of digital gender-based violence to encourage a conversation on some of the solutions and actions needed to address digital gender-based violence and to ensure women’s voices are not silenced.