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Setting up the EU as a new benchmark borrower

At this closed-door event Siegfried Ruhl, Counselor to the Director-General for Budget at the European Commission discussed the EU's borrowing program

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This invitation-only event welcomed Siegfried Ruhl, counselor to the European Commission's Director General for Budget, to discuss the EU's NGEU debt issuance buildup. Ruhl is an award-winning issuance expert, having come from Germany's debt management agency to the EFSF and ESM, where he established their borrowing programs and transformed the ESM into one of Europe's top supranational issuers. He joined us to discuss how the EU is ramping up its borrowing program across the yield curve and how it plans to manage the outstanding debt going forward.

This online-only event was part of a series of events on finance, open only to Bruegel members and selected institutional stakeholders.