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Roundtable on the EU's countervailing duties on Chinese electric vehicle imports

This closed-door event discussed the EU's countervailing duties on Chinese clean-tech products and their impact on EU-China trade

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With the announcement of countervailing duties, the EU is opening a new page in its trade policy. The decision was taken against the backdrop of steep increases in US punitive tariffs against Chinese clean-tech, first applications of European enforcement of the Foreign Subsidy Instrument as well as a new Chinese economic strategy. Given the importance of automotive trade for EU-China trade relations, it is unsurprising that this decision is controversial. Proponents argue that it is a necessary step targeted against market distortions caused by Chinese industrial policy while opponents warn that it represents ‘green protectionism’ that might slow down the green transition. This panel discussed the decision, its rational and the implication it will have for EU-China trade relations and the European economy more broadly.