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The role of the Nordic social model in the future

The Nordic model is increasingly under pressure in Finland as the population ages and economic growth is low. Can it adjust and survive?


In the framework of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Bruegel is organising a series of events in the capitals of our member states. These debates, talks and conferences will bring crucial European  topics to audiences across the continent.

The foundations for sustainable public finances are crumbling fast. Can the Nordic model adjust and survive these existential challenges?The Nordic model has been successful in providing social protection to the citizens and supporting the growth of the Nordic economies for many years. Now the model is increasingly under pressure, in Finland especially from an aging population. Prospects for economic growth are significantly lower than before and demand for public welfare services is growing rapidly.

The Finnish Ministry of Finance, together with Bruegel and the Nordic Economic Policy Review, is happy to welcome you to this seminar on the role of the Nordic social model in the future.


09:00-09:30     Registration and coffee

09:30-10:15     Session 1

  • André Sapir, Senior Fellow, Bruegel

10:15-11:00     Session 2

  • Torben Andersen, Professor, Aarhus University

11:00-12:00     Comments and discussion

  • Seija Ilmakunnas, Managing Director, The Labour Institute for Economic Research
  • Sixten Korkman, Professor, Aalto University


Please register for the event by the 2nd October 2015 by email [email protected] or by phone +358 2955 30309.