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The role of China in global value chains

This event looked at how the rise of China is affecting global value chains.


Seamus Grimes

Emeritus professor, Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change, National University of Ireland [Joining remotely],

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Presentation by Alicia Garcia-Herrero

Presentation by Margit Molnar

The rise of China has transformed the global value chain, driven by its asymmetric trade relationship with the world. China's rise for the most part does not benefit Asia and has lessened its integration with the region. While EU members states are integrating more with China, at least in terms of value chain, this comes at the expense of reduced regional trade integration. Meanwhile the US, which is following the same pattern as Asia and Europe in its relation with China’s value chain, has embarked in a trade war with China with special focus on China’s increasing dominance in the value chain.