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Rethinking security of gas supply in the EU

How can Europe ensure a secure supply of natural gas, so vital for its citizens' wellbeing and prosperity? As they launch a new paper on the topic, ou


Stefan Moser

Head of Unit - Security of Supply, European Commission DG Energy,


Energy security is crucial to ensure that Europeans do not freeze in winter, that their industry can flourish and that they cannot be blackmailed in vital foreign policy questions. Gas plays a special role. Last year, Europe's near-total dependence on Russian gas (and Ukrainian gas transit) triggered the debate on EU Energy Union. This became one of the flagship projects of the Junker Commission.

This event marked the launch of Bruegel's latest policy proposal in the field of energy and climate. The authors, Simone Tagliapietra and Georg Zachmann, argue that the current focus on supply diversification and reduction of import dependence is expensive and insufficient to provide a systemic response. Instead of doing everything to reduce gas supplies from key suppliers, the proposal suggests that gas supply security could more effectively be safeguarded by ensuring that unused alternatives are maintained. These could be tapped into for an indefinite period of time in case of supply disruption from a key supplier.

The proposal were discussed with Stefan Moser from the European Commission, and key representatives of the energy industry, including Thierry Deschuyteneer from Gas Infrastructure Europe.

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Rethinking the security of the European Union’s gas supply | Simone Tagliapietra & Georg Zachmann

Presentation | Simone Tagliapietra

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