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Prospects of Ukraine’s green recovery

Closed-door roundtable discussion on the prospects of Ukraine’s green recovery.

Event visual of man holding Ukrainian flag and a green umbrella


Olha Stefanishyna

Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ukraine



Check-in and lunch



Opening words





The Ukrainian government highlighted that the country’s recovery will be in line with the EU Green Deal priorities. For the future energy mix they will focus on renewable generation and hydrogen, but also phasing out coal and developing small modular nuclear reactors. Success will depend on swift implementation of necessary reforms. We want to discuss concrete steps and priorities.

What are the indicators that will allow EU partners – both EU institutions and investors – to be certain that Ukraine is moving in that direction? If Ukraine wants to become an EU member within the next few years – how can it ensure a fast process of ‘green' recovery, with fewer bureaucratic obstacles? What KPIs would be acceptable both for donors and the Ukrainian government as part of an agreement to support Ukraine in its future recovery?

Closed-door | Hybrid | Off the record