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Paris Reinforce workshop on India's mitigation pathways

What are current greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios commonly proposed for India?

As part of a series of regional and EU-national workshops, at this event we will discuss the current greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios commonly proposed for India. An extensive and open discussion, with climate and energy stakeholders from India, will focus upon the feasibility, opportunities and barriers that stem from these mitigation pathways.

The workshop series are run by the Paris Reinforce consortium within which Bruegel is participating. The project is a 3-year Horizon 2020 (European Commission) funded research programme. The project aims to develop a deeper understanding of the potential greenhouse gas emission mitigation pathways required in order to globally conform to the targets of the Paris Agreement.

The scientific analysis of the project is performed using a suite of sophisticated energy-economic models. In order to produce relevant and informed analysis, the project devotes significant resources to incorporating stakeholder feedback into the assumptions underpinning modelling activities and scenarios.

This event is open only to select experts and Bruegel's Membership.