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Paris Reinforce: Central Asia and Caspian region Stakeholder Discussion Series

New Paris Reinforce workshop with focus on Central Asian and Caspian (CAC) region.


Haris Doukas

Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens,

In 2019, a new 3-year research project called Paris Reinforce was launched, funded by the European Commission and encompassing 17 partners from within Europe and across the world. The project’s objective is to understand the potential greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction pathways (“mitigation pathways”) consistent with the landmark Paris Agreement, in several major economies across the globe.

A key branch of modelling will be focused upon the Central Asian and Caspian (CAC) region. Modelling teams are investigating the economic and energy systems within the CAC region in order to develop a better understanding of how the regions energy use and GHG mitigation may evolve over the coming years.

In order to design plausible modelling scenarios, a fundamental element of the Paris Reinforce project is engagement with key stakeholders. This event provides an opportunity for discussion around some of the key scenario factors and policy areas within energy and climate in the CAC region.

Interpretation into Russian will be provided.

This event was open only to select experts and Bruegel’s Membership.