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Microchips and Europe's strategic autonomy

Per microchips ad strategic autonomy.


Stefan Mengel

Head of division, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

Video and audio recordings

Digital technologies have become regarded as a crucial asset in geopolitics. Brought into the limelight by the current shortages disrupting European industries, semiconductors have become a focal point of European industrial policy aiming to achieve strategic autonomy in the digital sphere. In this event, we discuss what is the best way forward to address risks and increase Europe’s leverage in this important sector.

Bruegel's fellows Niclas Poitiers and Alicia Garcia-Herrero talked about their work on semiconductors and BRI, respectively. We also hosted Mr Piotr Arak of the Polish Economic Institute who did work on Europe's strategic autonomy, Mr Jay Lewis from Microsoft to provide us with a corporate perspective, and Mr Stefan Mengel from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the policy perspective.

Presentation by Stefan Mengel