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Look but don't touch: (how) will social distancing work against COVID-19?

How do social distancing measure work to contain the coronavirus and what is the probability we will have a second outbreak?


Esteban Moro

Visiting professor,MIT Media Lab and associate professor at, Universidad Carlos III,

Sven Smit

Chairman and Director, McKinsey Global Institute, and Senior Partner, McKinsey Amsterdam,

video recording

In much of the world social distancing measures are in place to contain the COVID-19 virus. But what exactly is the impact of current social distancing strategies? How do they change the epidemic dynamic? And how long do we need to keep these measures in place for them to have the needed effect?

Even if we manage to contain the epidemic it is possible that there will be a second outbreak. If that is the case how much time do we have to get ready? What is the best way to prepare? What is the best strategy to minimize the current epidemic and get ready for a second wave?

At this event we discussed these questions based on new research from MIT Media Lab and McKinsey Global Institute.


Presentation by Alex Sandy Pentland