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Lessons for the future governance of financial assistance in the EU

On 14th June, Randall Henning will present his latest book on the Euro crisis and we will discuss how financial assistance should be governed in the e


Randall Henning

Professor of International Economic Relations, School of International Service, American University,

Rolf Strauch

Chief Economist and Management Board Member, European Stability Mechanism


On 14th June, Randal Henning presented his latest book, Tangled Governance: International Regime Complexity, the Troika, and the Euro Crisis. The book explains why European leaders chose to include the IMF in the crisis response and provides a detailed account of the decisions of the institutions that make up the “troika” (the European Commission, European Central Bank, and IMF).

A panel discussion followed the book's presentation. The discussion aimedto offer some forward-looking lessons and recommendation on the future governance of financial assistance in the EU.

The first part of the event, at which Randal Henning presented his book, it was public and livestreamed. The second half of the event, the panel discussion about the future governance of financial assistance in the EU was under Chatham House Rule and not livestreamed. 

Video and audio recordings


Henning Presentation - FINAL