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Investment and growth in time of climate change

Climate change poses a myriad of policy challenges:

  • To find a proper balance between investing in greenhouse-gas mitigation and investing in avenues for adapting to climate change.
  • The possible trade-off between decarbonisation and economic growth and the need to make climate action as growth-friendly as possible.
  • To clearly identify barriers to climate investment and the most appropriate policies to remove them.

These challenges were discussed at the EIB-Bruegel Conference “Investment and Growth in the Time of Climate Change” which will be held at the Palais d’Egmont in Brussels. The conference brought together senior policymakers, public-policy experts, academics and representatives of national and international financial institutions to explore a topic of great importance for European policymaking and the strategic orientation of the European Investment Bank.

Read the report here.


  • Werner Hoyer (President of the EIB)
  • Jean Pisani-Ferry (Director of Bruegel)
  • Jos Delbeke (Director-General for Climate Action, European Commission)
  • Philip Lowe (Director-General for Energy, European Commission)
  • Samuel Fankhauser (Professor, London School of Economics)

Event materials

  • Karl Kellner, presentation, A European Commission Perspective on climate-related investment in Energy here
  • Francesco Bosello, presentation, Key issues in balancing the policy mix of mitigation and adaptation measures to address climate change here
  • George Papaconstantinou, presentation, Panel II: Decarbonisation and growth here