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International cooperation in digital markets

While several countries propose regulations to address digital competition issues, how can they ensure mutual enforcement cooperation?



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Large online platforms pose similar or very similar competition issues worldwide. In response, legislators and competition authorities propose regulations to tackle them. While they address the same problems, the content of each regulation is different. As a result, increasing compliance costs for businesses and potential inconsistencies are likely to arise. G7 countries have called for years for international cooperation for competition in digital markets, but without actionable proposals. How can we ensure it? Our panellists will give an overview of the main regulation in each country and proposals to ensure international cooperation.

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  • Matilda Sevón

    Matilda, a Finnish citizen, works as Deputy Head of Outreach, in charge of audience strategy, press, social media, as well as parts of event management.

    Matilda joined Bruegel in December 2008. She holds an MA in Philosophy from KU Leuven.

    She speaks fluent Swedish, Finnish and English and conversational French and Dutch.