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Industrial policy and the space industry in Europe

At this closed-door event, we will address the strategic importance of the space industry to overall European industrial policy.

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Roundtable discussion

  • Chair: Giuseppe Porcaro, Former Head of Outreach, Governance and Human Resources

Space policy can be seen from many angles, from investment in hard science to a geopolitical race, to an innovation incubator. At Bruegel we started a research project to address the strategic relevance of the sector for overall European industrial policy. To kick off the research we are organising a closed-doors brainstorming roundtable with key stakeholders in the sector. 

Our goals are: 

  • To describe the space value chain in Europe, from science, research, main aggregators, component manufacturers, main users of space infrastructure, to main users of space services/satellites, and compare it to global alternatives. Are there geographical clusters at the local and regional levels?
  • To define the typology of actors in the industry (big players, component subcontractors, start-ups, etc).
  • To identify industrial actors with main activities in space vs diversifying space actors.
  • To assess European capacity in the sector. 

As we acquire knowledge on this new subject, we will seek to ask strategic questions on the role and ability of the EU to exploit space policy, its advantages and value added given small country budgets, and how space policy should be regulated. The roundtable will be an important step to build this knowledge and understand the different needs and positioning of the actors in the space sector in Europe.

The idea is to have an informal exchange of views among multiple stakeholders, and the conversation will be helpful in advancing our research on the topic, especially around the following three questions:

  1. Where does the European space industry stand in relation to the current evolution of the global market and the political environment?
  2. Which is the role of the various actors involved (institutions, companies, etc.)? 
  3. What policy measures are key for the space sector in Europe?

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