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Impact of regulatory and supervisory reform on the banking sector


In the framework of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Bruegel is


organising a series of events in the capitals of our member states. These debates, talks and conferences will bring crucial European topics to audiences across the continent.

One year after a major overhaul of European banking regulation and supervision, the National Bank of Belgium and Bruegel aim to take stock of the impact on the Banking Sector. At the regulatory front, the new capital adequacy regime was implemented in 2014. As of January 2016, the capital adequacy package is complemented with a new resolution regime. These new regulations aim to strengthen both the soundness and the resolvability of the banking sector with a view to reduce the need for government bailouts. At the supervisory front, the ECB started supervision in November 2014, after a major asset quality review.

The European banking sector is undergoing a large transformation, characterised by a downsizing of the sector and a renewed focus on the client. It is timely to assess the impact of the reforms on the European banking sector. What is the impact on banks’ business models? Are banks now more sound and resolvable?

This event was hosted at the National Banking of Belgium and jointly organised by the National Bank of Belgium and Bruegel.

event materials

Olivier Hamoir - Speech

Luc Coene - Presentation

Pierre Wunsch - presentation (originally by Mathias Dewatripont)

Dominique Laboureix - Presentation

Dirk Schoenmaker - Presentation

Johan Thijs - Presentation