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How to address the food crisis without jeopardising climate goals?

At this event, panellists will discuss the policies that EU policymakers should implement to alleviate world hunger.



Check-in and lunch

12.30PM-1PM (CET)






1.15PM-1.45PM (CET)

Additional speakers to be confirmed.



1.45PM-2PM (CET)

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The war in Ukraine has disrupted the export of wheat, corn, and sunflower oil - three agricultural commodities crucial in feeding billions around the globe. The severity of the situation has led to a reversal in a decades-long trend of hunger alleviation across much of the developing world.  According to the World Food Programme, more than 10% of the global population could face hunger in 2022. The current crisis highlights the fragility of the global food system, which is simultaneously under threat from climate change, geopolitical conflicts, and other external shocks to global trade.

Tackling this problem will require a multi-faceted strategy. Panelists at this event will talk about the various policies that EU policymakers should put in place in areas like trade, humanitarian, and agricultural policy.

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