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Health: Crisis governance for a vital global public good

Given the collapse in cooperation over health governance, what strategies should be pursued at international level, and by what means?


Amanda Glassman

Amanda Glassman also serves as chief executive of CGD Europe

Executive Vice President and Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Development

Monica de Bolle

Member of the Scientific Council

Senior fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

We are pleased to announce an EUI-Bruegel high-level policy dialogue to discuss the challenges confronting multilateralism and international cooperation in global health policy as part of the Transformation of Global Governance project, which aims to decipher the transformation of global governance in a series of policy fields and assess the effectiveness of emerging global governance arrangements.

Covid-19 has thrown into sharp light issues that impede truly global collective action despite the clear interest of all to cooperate. Scientific and economic warnings about the emergence of new pandemics and their consequences existed before the crisis, yet governments had to scramble to protect their populations; and national failures drew attention from international cooperation. Given the collapse in cooperation and of effective authority over health governance, panellists and invitees will discuss what strategies should be pursued at international level, and by what means?

The process of rebuilding international cooperation will involve massive (re)distributional choice. In a global environment where geopolitical events and shifts impact decision-making as much as economic developments, how can states and international organisations rebuild a better international health regime, and with what civil protection, accountability, and inclusiveness?

This event was open only to Bruegel’s Members and select experts.