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Global forum on the knowledge economy: Better innovation policies for better lives

Coinciding with the 50th Anniversary of the OECD, the 2011 Global Forum on the Knowledge Economy will provide a platform for exchange and networking among governments, business and civil society groups on the role that science and innovation policies should play in improving growth, sustainable development and the quality of life.

The Forum will explore the current state of science and innovation, address the key challenges for policy today and explore good policy practices at the national level as well as steps that should be taken at the international level. The Forum is intended to be highly interactive, will be based primarily on panel discussions, and will provide ample room for networking and interaction among participants. The discussion will be informed by background material prepared by the OECD Secretariat, which will set out what we have learned about science and innovation and the policies that affect them and what we still need to learn.

The Global Forum is intended to become an annual event, with varying themes, open to participants from OECD member countries and partners from outside the OECD membership, including participants from business and stakeholders. The Forum highlights will bring together session discussions, conclusions and related activities, and will be sent to every participant following the event. 

For more information, please go to the Forum website.