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Future of work and inclusive growth: Digital dialogues

An end of year series of digital discussions on the Future of Work and Inclusive Growth in Europe.


Nicolas Schmit

European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, European Commission

Arturo Franco

Senior Vice President, Thought Leadership, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Video and audio recordings

On 7 December Bruegel hosted the three online sessions to mark the end of the first year of the Future of Work and Inclusive Growth project.

The project Future of Work and Inclusive Growth in Europe is a 3-year project supported by the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. Within the framework of the project, our researchers closely analyse the impact of technology on the nature, quantity and quality of work, welfare systems and inclusive growth at large. That includes exploring the role of technology and AI in reshaping society, particularly when subject to extreme stress (e.g. during a pandemic).