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Forum on Economic Governance

The onset of the Arab Spring raised expectations about an accelerated transition to democratic rule and better economic governance in the Middle East and North Africa. Three years down the road, there is at best a mitigated picture in terms of these objectives. A failure to satisfy the aspirations of the people in terms of growth, employment and a decent standard of living would perpetuate the deep cleavages within societies. Political actors in the Arab World have recognized the need to address the economic grievances of their population. The political leadership is intent on implementing overhauled policies to deliver better governance, growth, employment and improved living standards to their citizens. Turkey, meanwhile, has seen extraordinary economic successes in the last decade but faces news challenges in a difficult environment.

The BRUEGEL-EDAM-Carnegie Middle East Center Forum on Public Policy is an initiative designed to foster a dialogue on key public policy issues between the different stakeholders in Arab societies, Turkey and Western public policy makers and opinion leaders. The objective is to establish a platform for high level decision makers to exchange and reflect on how best to improve economic governance in the important region of Europe, Turkey and the Arab world. The platform will establish a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices on core economic governance issues among experts, media and policy makers from the North and South of the Mediterranean.

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