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Financing for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

How can we better prepare for future pandemics? In this event, speakers presented and discussed the report "A Global Deal for Our Pandemic Age".


Amanda Glassman

Amanda Glassman also serves as chief executive of CGD Europe

Executive Vice President and Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Development

Lawrence H. Summers

Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

Former United States Treasury Secretary,

Video recording

The G20-requested High Level Independent Panel (HLIP), Financing the Global Commons for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, is out with its recommendations: A Global Deal for Our Pandemic Age.

The HLIP finds that the world remains very poorly equipped to prevent or contain future epidemics or pandemics, while still needing to move swiftly to close current shortfalls in the international COVID-19 response. In fact, COVID-19 may be a forerunner of yet more catastrophic pandemics or biosecurity risks unless the global community comes together to drive significant new investments and reforms to bolster global and national capacities for pandemic preparedness and rapid response.

A subset of the HLIP, which is supported by the Center for Global Development and Bruegel think tanks, convened at this event to discuss the recommendations, how they fit in with other recent reviews and next steps to turn words into reality.

This event was co-hosted with the Center for Global Development.