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The financial crisis: lessons for monetary policy and financial regulations

The theme of the CASE 2009 International conference is the global financial and macroeconomic crisis. The financial crisis of 2008‐2009 has given rise to escalating debates regarding regulation and deregulation, moral hazard and efficient market hypotheses. Experts speculate whether global growth during the period 1989 to 2008 was the result of endogenous reforms, or simply loose monetary policy and massive speculative bubbles. Questions about how markets should be organized in the future, and what form the global market economy will take when growth returns and the crisis wanes, have now become central to economic dialogue, as well as the focus of the Return of History: From Consensus to Crisis international conference. The one and a half day event is a forum for researchers, policy experts and analysts from academia, economic policy research institutes, international organizations and financial institutions. It is an opportunity to gain first rate knowledge by participating in four high‐level panel discussions led by renowned international experts.

Conference Thematic Sessions

Session 1: The role of countercyclical fiscal policy: historical experience and contemporary challengesSession 2: The financial crisis: lessons for monetary policy and financial regulationsSession 3: Twenty years after: from transition to crisisSession 4: Energy security in Europe and other regions