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The External Dimension of the EU's Green Deal: What Role for EU Development Cooperation?

What geopolitical and human repercussions does the EU Green Deal have for its partners beyond climate neutrality and the EU?

Visual of windmills


Mikaela Gavas

Co-Director Development Cooperation in Europe and Senior Policy Fellow, CGD,

Carla Montesi

Director for “Green Deal and Digital Agenda”, European Commission, Directorate-General for International Partnerships (INTPA),

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In December 2019, the European Commission put forward a package of policy initiatives – The EU Green Deal – with the overarching aim of making Europe climate neutral in 2050. The EU Green Deal puts sustainability at the heart of the EU agenda, both in Europe and in the world. But what does this mean for the EU’s partner countries? How can the EU align its development efforts with the external dimension of the EU Green Deal? How can the EU support the green transition in partner countries and at the same time ensure impact on human development?

Co-hosted by the Center for Global Development and Bruegel, at this event we explored the role of EU development finance in addressing climate change and delivering development impact in partner countries.