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The European Commission’s legislative proposal on Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance

At this invitation-only event Marie Donnay will discuss proposed legislation on CMDI in the context of recent banking turmoil.

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  • Chair: Nicolas Véron, Senior fellow
  • Marie Donnay, Head of Unit, Resolution and Deposit Insurance, European Commission, DG FISMA

On April 18, the European Commission published a legislative package on Crisis Management and Deposit Insurance (CMDI), in response to a mandate give by the Eurogroup in June 2022. While not aiming at completion of the banking union, the CMDI proposal is an ambitious reform of the 2014 Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) after the latter has not been viewed as working as intended. This session will be dedicated to better understanding the proposed legislation and debating it in light of recent bank collapses outside of the EU.

This online-only event was a part of series of events on finance, open only to Bruegel members and selected institutional stakeholders.