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Is the European automotive industry ready for the global electric vehicle revolution?

How can Europe catch up on the global electric vehicle race?


Jacques Pieraerts

Vice President, Communication, External and Environmental Affair, Toyota Motor Europe,

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The automotive sector is currently at the centre of a global transformation, driven by four key trends: electrification, autonomous driving, sharing and connected cars. Bruegel fellows Reinhilde Veugelers and Simone Tagliapietra have recently published a policy contribution investigating the position of the European automotive industry in a scenario in which electrification substantially progresses. The results are encouraging for Europe: EU companies entered late the global electric vehicle race, but on the basis of their analysis it is not yet too late for them to catch up and make the best of this change. However, they also find that if Europe wants to succeed in the global electric vehicle race, its automotive industry will have to move into higher gear to meet the global – notably Chinese – competition.


Jacques Pieraerts - Presentation

Reinhilde Veugelers - Presentation