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Euro tragedy: a drama in nine acts

This event featured a presentation by Ashoka Mody of his new book, which argues that the Euro is at the root of the problems the European Union faces


Ashoka Mody

Charles and Marie Robertson Visiting Professor in International Economic Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University,

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Event materials

Presentation by Ashoka Mody

Presentation by Guntram Wolff

At this event Ashoka Mody, Visiting Professor, International Economic Policy, Princeton University, presented his new book: Euro tragedy: a drama in nine acts.

Blending economic analysis with political drama, the  book argues that the push for a common currency - the euro - has undermined the entire political project. It explores how missteps in Economic Policy have led to the impasse in Europe today and offers insights into the roots of Europe's current disorder, especially distrust of the political systems and elites that seem increasingly undemocratic to the European masses.

This event will be livestreamed on this page starting at 13:00 CET. There is no need to register for the livestream.