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Disrupted medical supply chains: symptoms, side-effects, and treatment?

How can the EU increase the resilience of value chains in the health industry?


Niclas Poitiers

International Trade, International Macroeconomics and the Digital Economy

Research fellow


Shortages of PPE when COVID-19 hit the EU and the fear of supply chain disruptions have led to a discussion over whether we should rethink Medical Supply Chains. Free trade flows are under protectionist pressure and export restrictions are used as a tool in the Sino-American trade war – are we too dependent on imports of vital medical goods? Or is the adequate response to a pandemic global cooperation in the economic sphere? What could such cooperation look like?


At this event we discussed pros and cons of reshoring of medical goods productions, and alternative policies to increase the resilience of value chains in the health industry.


Materials and studies mentioned during the conversation: