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Digital Platforms, Regulation and Competition: What's next for Europe?

Will the new rules of the internet go far enough for consumers and creators? Should we regulate platforms or will a code of conduct suffice?


Diane Coyle

Co-Director, Bennett Institute for Public Policy, University of Cambridge,

This event will focus on two new instruments that the European Commission is working on in the frame of the Digital Markets Act: 1) ex-ante regulation for platforms that act as gatekeepers and; 2) a new competition tool.

What are the main problems and why do we need new solutions? Should we regulate platforms or a code of conduct will suffice? What should the scope of ex-ante regulation be? To which platforms should it apply? How will it interact with the new competition tool? What should be the governance model (independent authority vs. political institution)? What are the potential benefits and risks for such a new approach?

Three speakers will set the scene in the first 30 minutes of the event: Diane Coyle from the University of Cambridge, Jorge Padilla from Compass Lexecon and Alex A. Saliba MEP and rapporteur for the European Parliament’s Digital Services Act report (under preparation) followed by a round table discussion with the invited guests for the remainder of the event.

This is an invitation only event for Bruegel members and selected invitees.