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Crypto assets: is a regulatory framework needed?

The economic potential and risks of crypto assets: is a regulatory framework needed?

Crypto assets raise six major public policy questions: how great is the potential of crypto assets in advanced financial systems? What is the best way to combat illegal activity such as money laundering and terrorism finance? How can consumer and investor protection be ensured? What about financial stability? How might crypto assets be taxed? And how can blockchain applications be embedded into the existing legal framework?

Based on a paper written with Maria Demertzis and discussed at the occasion of an informal meeting of ECOFIN in September, Guntram Wolff will present his analysis and assessment of the economic potential and risk of crypto assets. He will stress key regulatory questions that European Union policymakers need to confront. The presentation will be discussed by Thierry Philipponnat followed by a discussion and questions from the audience.

This event will be held in France Stratégie, 20 avenue de Ségur in Paris at 12:00 till 13.30. It will be in French. Click on the link to register.