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The contribution of hydrogen to European decarbonisation

What role will hydrogen play in Europe's decarbonisation?


Alison Conboy

Deputy Director, Hydrogen Production, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, The United Kingdom,

Ruud Kempener

Policy Officer, Renewables and Energy System Integration Policy, DG ENER,

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Europe will consume a volume of hydrogen until 2050 and beyond. In some scenarios, hydrogen will develop into a major energy carrier that is produced and imported in large quantities and used across different sectors. In any scenario, strict climate targets require that the production of hydrogen is not linked to the emission of greenhouse gases. In practice, this is challenging to formulate because hydrogen can be produced in very different ways, with different fuels, and in different places.

In this event, we discussed the following key questions: can Europe ensure that hydrogen contributes to Europe’s decarbonisation? How can hydrogen contribute to it? And finally, what are the different production methods that could enable this?

Full presentation by Matthias Deutsch