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Competition policy in the era of AI – the case of Japan and Europe

How can artificial intelligence have a positive impact on the economy? How does AI impact competition policy? How can the EU and Japan become leaders


Yuko Kawai

General Manager for Europe and Chief Representative in London, Bank of Japan,

Grazia Cecere

Professor of Economics at Institut Mines Telecom, Business School, LITEM.,

Eric Badiqué

Adviser for Artificial Intelligence, European Commission, DG Connect,

Tatsuji Narita

Councillor, Secretariat of the Headquarters for Digital Market Competition, Cabinet Secretariat, Japanese Government,



This year's EU-Japan conference, jointly organised by Bruegel and The Graduate Institute, Kobe University, will discuss Competition policy in the era of Artificial Intelligence.

The conference will discuss the challenges brought by the economic impact of AI, with particular focus on the impact on competition as well as related policy challenges and ways to increase AI’s positive impact on the economy. We will also discuss the role of EU and Japan in the ongoing process of AI development. The focus on AI for this coming year is specifically relevant as Japan, like Europe as a whole, is at risk of being over-shadowed by the US and China. After the signature of the EU-Japan Partnership Agreement there is also much more scope and a strong ground for collaboration between the two regions.