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Climate change and the role of central banks

What connections exist between central banks and climate change, and what are the resulting implications?


Emanuele Campiglio

Assistant Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business and Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics,

Kjell Nyborg

Deputy Head of Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich and Senior Chair, Swiss Finance Institute,

Paul Hiebert

Head of Systemic Risk and Financial Institutions Division, ECB,

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Bruegel is excited to host this event in conjunction with Narodowy Bank Polski (NBP) about the role of central banks in climate change. Climate change and government measures in response to it (transitions to a low-emissions economy) are a structural disruption. The aim of the event is to assess the impact of this disruption on the performance of the main tasks of central banks: monetary policy, financial system stability, and reserve management.

The subject of this event will be introduced and elaborated upon by Bruegel's Non-Resident Fellow Dirk Schoenmaker. The introduction will be followed by panel discussions with participation of experts from various international financial institutions, central banks and academia.

This is an invitation-only event.