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China-Russia relations and their impact on Europe

The economic ties between China and Russia are growing. How will this relation affect Europe?



Heli Simola

Senior Economist,, Institute for Economies in Transition, BOFIT,

Vasily Gavrilov

First Secretary, Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union,

SUN Mingxi

Counsellor for Economic Affairs, Chinese Mission to the EU,


Event materials

Alicia Garcia Herrero - presentation

Matteo Governatori - presentation

Heli Simola - presentation

Laura Solanko - presentation

Bruegel Working paper: The China-Russia trade relationship and its impact on Europe by Alicia Garcia-Herrero and Jianwei Xu

BOFIT Policy Brief: Opening up or closing the door for foreign trade – Russia and China compared by Laura Solanko

Despite the recent drop in bilateral trade, China and Russia have been improving their economic relations for quite some time already. The commodity supercycle marked the beginning of the love affair after some difficult decades. Geopolitical reasons, including a common response to the US pivot towards Asia, may have also helped.

At the current juncture, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, especially the Northern Route, should further enhance economic integration between Russia, world’s largest energy exporter, and China. Europe – at the other end of the Belt and Road – and with long-term economic relations with both China and Russia will surely be affected by these developments.

This half-day event discussed the growing economic relations between China and Russia and the potential consequences for Europe.