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Bruegel/World Bank policy dialogue on the European growth model

Organised jointly by Bruegel and the World bank, this lunchtalk presented the findings of a new World Bank report, entitled Golden Growth: Restoring the Lustre of the European Economic Model.

The report assesses the impressive achievements of the European growth model over the last 50 years, taking into account the stresses it is now experiencing, and assessing the longer-term challenges that Europe will face. To do this, the report assesses the six principal components of the European growth model: Trade, Finance, Enterprise, Innovation, Labor, and Government.The World Bank finds that the European growth model has been a powerful engine for economic convergence, helping developing countries in Europe catch up to their richer neighbors and become high-income economies. But recent changes in and outside Europe necessitate change.


Event materials

Summary of the event here

The presentations from the report, as well as an electronic copy of the report presented can be found here