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AMR-BRUEGEL Seminar “Cultivation of New Derive for Economic Growth”

This seminar was organised jointly by Bruegel and the Academy of Macroeconomic Research, NDRC. P.R.China, under the Memorandum of Understanding signed in October 2012.


13:30—13:50 Addresses

Moderator: Wang Yiming

Session 1: Macroeconomic Situation of China and Europe

  • 13:50—14:15 Sun Xuegong:The latest development of China's economy and outlook for 2013
  • 14:15—14:40 Guntram B. Wolff:The EU's economic situation and its outlook
  • 14:40—15:00 Discussion

Session 2: Promoting the sustainable growth of China and Europe with the approach of reform

  • 15:00—15:25 Bi Jiyao:China: Structural reform and growth prospects
  • 15:25—15:50 Zsolt Darvas: The EU's structural reform agenda to reinvigorate long-term growth
  • 15:50—16:10 Discussion

Session 3: Fiscal policy, public debt, sustainability and growth

  • 16:10—16:35 Liu Lifeng:Local government debt crisis and control in the process of growth
  • 16:35—17:00 Jean Pisani-Ferry: Fiscal policy and public debt sustainability in the EU
  • 17:00—17:20 Discussion

17:20—17:30 Summary