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After COVID-19: a most wanted recovery

This event was part of the T20 Spring Roundtables and focused on strategies for a swift and sustainable economic recovery for Europe.


Franco Bruni

Vice President, ISPI; Lead Co-Chair, T20 Italy TF9 on International Finance,

Paul De Grauwe

John Paulson Chair in European Political Economy, European Institute, London School of Economics

Video and audio recordings

At this event, jointly organised with ISPI, as the National Coordinator and Chair of the T20 Italy, in cooperation with Elcano Royal Institute and CER, we addressed the measures to foster a quick recovery  after the pandemic, but one which also ensures a sustainable and more inclusive future.

This public session was preceded by an invitation-only workshop. The full event was held in the framework of Think-20 (T20) a global group of think tanks supporting the G20 with in-depth analysis for ongoing discussions and new ideas.