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Active labour market policies, what works?

How are Europe's labour markets performing, and what policies can best help them function?


Godwin Mifsud

Director General of Economic Policy Department, Ministry for Finance of Malta,

Dan Finn

Professor of Social Inclusion, University of Portsmouth,

Alfonso Arpaia

Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission - DG Employment and Social Affairs,

In the framework of our 10th anniversary celebrations, Bruegel is


organising a series of events in the capitals of our member states. These debates, talks and conferences will bring crucial European topics to audiences across the continent.

The goal of active labour market policies is to increase employment opportunities for job seekers and improve the matching between available jobs and qualified workers. Given the current labour market situation in the EU, these policies appear to be essential today. We have witnessed a significant increase in the unemployment rate of many EU states since the beginning of the crisis, in particular a rise in long-term unemployment and youth unemployment.

This workshop took stock of the current labour situation in the EU and assessed the effectiveness of various active labour market policies in helping enable smooth and fast job transitions. Which policies could best reduce unemployment in European countries?

Event Materials

Presentation | Alfonso Arpaia
Presentation | Dan Finn
Presentation | Regina Konle-Seidl
Presentation | Godwin Mifsud
Presentation | Paul Swaim