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08 January 2014

The ECB’s big moment

Europe’s banking union project has had many doubters since it started to be widely discussed in the spring of 2012. What is not in doubt, however, is

20 November 2013

A Schuman compact for the euro area

Five years of crisis have pushed Europe to take emergency financial measures to cushion the free fall of distressed countries. However, efforts to tur

05 November 2013

Manufacturing Europe's growth

Europe's policies should focus on the high-end industries that are driving Europe's productivity growth.

17 October 2013

Users could be losers in 'EU vs Google'

The debate misses a crucial point: the purpose of antitrust law is to protect consumers, not competitors. Google’s undue penalization of a p

30 September 2013

A new way for Germany and Europe

When the new German government takes over, it should not wait for long until it makes the euro area a central topic on its agenda.

24 September 2013

A New Greek Test for Europe

Europeans must brace themselves for another bout of political and legal turmoil. The Europe that emerges from it could look, for better or worse, very

23 September 2013

Reshaping Europe’s financial system

With the upcoming Asset Quality Review (AQR) by the European Central Bank, Europe has a chance to fundamentally reshape its financial system to make i

19 September 2013

Euribor and the limits of antitrust

The European Commission is investigating a suspected banking industry cartel, one of the many consequences of the opening of the London Interbank Offe

12 August 2013

The euro area needs a German miracle

Recent sentiment indicators of the euro area are encouraging but return to lasting health of the euro area economy will still require major further st

08 July 2013

The rupee’s wake-up call

The Indian rupee has weakened rapidly in recent months, with the exchange rate against the US dollar dropping by 11%, to around 60 rupees, since early

07 June 2013

Mehr Augen sehen mehr

Soll Deutschland einer gemeinsamen Bankenaufsicht auf EU-Ebene zustimmen, oder gibt Berlin dadurch zu viele Kompetenzen auf?

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