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09 July 2015

Waiting for G-Day

With a final decision on Greece fast approaching, what is the worst-case scenario: bailout or Grexit?

02 July 2015

What is at stake in the referendum?

The decision by the prime minister to call a referendum leaves the Greek citizens with a stark choice. The core of the question is whether Greek citiz

28 June 2015


Defying hopes that negotiations could lead to an agreement between Greece and its creditors by the end of the week and ahead of the programme expiring

14 June 2015

David Cameron and the EU’s Waterloo

The United Kingdom, whose new majority Conservative government has pledged to hold a referendum on European Union membership by the end of 2017, perha

02 June 2015

The emerging world: Debt as key risk

Perhaps the most ostensible of all challenges faced by the global economy is that of pervasive debt levels. For quite some time now, particularly foll

21 May 2015

Giving Greece a chance

This opinion piece by members of the Eiffel Group and the Glienicke Group argues that the Greek tragedy must not go on. Europe’s growing frustration w

08 May 2015

Digital Single Market: setting the stage

The European Commission's just-released Digital Single Market strategy paper is good news. However, the paper does not spell out how the proposal

05 May 2015

Europe’s radical banking union

Bruegel scholar Nicolas Véron argues in this thought-provoking essay that banking union ultimately enabled the European Central Bank’s announcement th

27 April 2015

The IMF's big Greek mistake

The Greek government's mounting financial woes are leading it to contemplate the previously unthinkable: defaulting on a loan from the International M

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