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Georgios Petropoulos was invited to speak at a workshop on collaborative economy organised by the Internal Market Committee (IMCO) of the European Par

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18 November 2016

Georgios Petropoulos was one of the speakers at workshop on collaborative economy organised by the Internal Market Committee (IMCO) of the European Parliament on November 8.

The focus of the workshop was the definition of, and distinction between, professional version non-professional/occasional provision of services, as well as the future of a regulatory framework for non-professional provision of services and prosumers. It included a debate about the new ways of providing services in the digital era and the need to effectively protect consumers.

Georgios Petropoulos presented some of the benefits of collaborative economy, and discussed issues related to regulation, types of services, and terms of the functioning of platforms that provide services.

Watch the video recording of the meeting.


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  • Georgios Petropoulos

    Georgios Petropoulos joined Bruegel as a visiting fellow in November 2015 and was a resident fellow from April 2016 to February 2022. Since March 2022, he is a non-resident fellow. He is Research Associate at MIT, Digital Fellow at Stanford University and CESifo Network affiliate. Georgios’ research focuses on the implications of digital technologies on innovation, competition policy and labour markets. He is currently studying how digital platforms should be regulated, what the relationship between big data and market competition is, as well as how the adoption of robots and information technologies affect labour markets, employment and wages. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, Master’s degrees in mathematical economics and econometrics and a PhD degree in Economics. He has also studied Astrophysics at a Master's level.

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