Visiting Fellowships

Rolling applications

Bruegel runs a visiting fellowship programme on a rolling basis. We welcome researchers from other institutes, universities, and organisations on the basis of their research project, how it aligns with Bruegel research programme, as well as on the basis of our capacity at a given time as a hosting institution. Every visiting fellowship proposal is discussed case by case and reviewed by the Director. 

please send the following materials to [email protected]:

  1. Recent CV;
  2. Letter of Motivation;
  3. Writing sample;
  4. Indication whether you are funded for the fellowship and indication of the funding source;
  5. University transcripts.

Also, please consider the following guidelines:

  1. Send your application materials only in pdf, doc or Google doc format (pdf is preferred);
  2. DO NOT contact scholars or administrative personnel – send all your inquiries to the given email address, they will be forwarded to the respective persons if necessary.
  3. Clearly specify the area of your interest, time when you would like to start and end the visiting fellowship.