2019 Bruegel Annual Meetings brought together nearly 1,000 participants for two days of policy debate and discussion.

This year we discussed economic priorities for Europe, geopolitics, globalisation, decarbonisation and its social impact, the future of Europe’s financial system, and many other vital issues.

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Launch of Bruegel Memos to the EU leadership 2019-2024

Truths about trade: Keynote by Cecilia Malmström


Competing Globally: Europe’s Debate Over Trade and Sovereignty

Europe faces a global test of its resolve to work together while protecting its sovereignty. Global economic relations reflect new tensions between the U.S. and China, poles that increasingly define the international agenda. The European Union, home to the world’s largest single market, has a duty to chart a new course that harnesses the potential of cooperation in support of growth and prosperity.


By Rebecca Christie and Jean Pisani-Ferry

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In an era of digitalisation, the Single Market needs a software update

The digital age will be an era of winning and losing firms. If Europe doesn’t act fast it seems likely that the winning firms will be in American and China. Why is this happening and what does Europe have to do to maximise its digital potential before it’s too late?


By Reinhilde Veugelers and Nicholas Barrett

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Jobs and robots: Europe’s Debate Over the Destiny of the Welfare State

Artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and the internet of things are bringing huge transformative changes in society. The questions that have been increasingly on the table are what these changes imply for the future of work, and what they imply for the future of European welfare states.


By J. Scott Marcus and Giuseppe Porcaro

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Addressing the EU’s Global Challenges Locally: the EU’s Competition and Antitrust Tightrope

The European Union, the world’s largest consumer market, needs a clearer vision for how it wants to manage competition and state subsidies affecting European markets and consumers.


By Rebecca Christie and Mathew Heim

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Eight conversations between Bruegel fellows and the SoE podcast team. Listen to the Backstage episodes analysing the topics discussed at Bruegel Annual Meetings