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Banks over cautious on lending as private equity firms loom

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25 November 2008
Alan Ahearne

Alan Ahearne believes that the greatest danger facing the Irish economy at the moment is having troubled banks slash lending to businesses and households. He therefore calls for a large injection of fresh capital into banks to stave off rapid deleveraging. But actions that the Irish Government needs to take to rescue the economy from a devastating credit crunch may well frighten off private equity. So be it, says Alan Ahearne.

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This comment was also published in The Irish Times.

About the authors

  • Alan Ahearne

    Alan Ahearne is a Professor and the Head of Economics at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is a member of the Board of the Central Bank of Ireland and has served as adviser to the IMF. He is Chairman of the ESRI and Department of Finance Joint Research Programme on the Macro-economy and Taxation.

    Alan served as economic adviser to Ireland’s former Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan from 2009 to 2011.

    Alan obtained his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University (in Pittsburgh) in 1998 and subsequently joined the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, where he worked as a Senior Economist for seven years.

    His research at Bruegel has focused on macroeconomics, international finance and public policy, including macroeconomic adjustment in the euro area, reform of the euro area and governance of the EU, global current account imbalances, housing booms and busts, and the international experience with banking and financial crises.

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