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Yoichi Matsubayashi

Deputy Dean and Professor, Graduate school of Economics, Kobe University

Yoichi Matsubayashi is a Japanese citizen and a visiting fellow at Bruegel from 26 August to 31 October 2013.

His research interests are international macroeconomics and monetary economics including banking behavior and policy response. His research topic at Bruegel is financial system comparison between EU and Japan. Especially his concern is Japan’s experience of financial problem since 1990s and its applicability to the EU.

Yoichi holds Ph.D in Economics from Kobe University and has worked as a professor of graduate school of Economics at Kobe University. He also works as an academic lecturer at research and statistics department in Bank of Japan (BOJ) and as a senior research fellow at policy research institute in Ministry of Finance (MOF).His international engagement was a visiting fellow at Harvard University (2010-2011).

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Working Paper

The effort to stabilise the financial system in Japan: an outline and the characteristics of the programme for financial revival

This paper provides an overview of the Programme for Financial Revival announced in October 2002 in Japan. The programme aimed to dramatically reduce the large amount of non-performing loans that remained until the end of the 1990s.

By: Yoichi Matsubayashi Topic: Global economy and trade Date: March 18, 2015