External speakers

Ulrich Bindseil

Director General Market Operations, ECB

Ulrich Bindseil is the Director General of the ECB’s Directorate General Market Operations since May 2012. Previously he had been Deputy Director General, head of the ECB's Risk Management Division and the ECB’s Liquidity Management Section. The ECB’s DG Market Operations is responsible for implementing monetary policy (Eurosystem credit operations, collateral framework, asset purchase programmes, etc.) and for the management of the ECB’s foreign reserves and investment portfolios. He chairs the ECB’s Market Operations Committee, the ECB’s Money Market Contact Group and the ECB’s Bond Market Contact Group. He is a member of two BIS committees, the Markets Committee and the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS).

Ulrich has joined central banking in 1994, namely in the Economics Department of the Deutsche Bundesbank, after his Economics studies. His publications include: Monetary policy implementation (Oxford University Press, 2004); Risk Management for Central Banks and Other Public Investors (editor, together with F. González and E. Tabakis, Cambridge University Press, 2009), Monetary Policy Operations and the Financial System (2014, Oxford University Press).