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Stephane Rottier

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Policy Contribution

An assessment of the G20's initial action items

Twenty months after the first G20 summit in Washington, we assess the implementation of the 47 action items included in that summit’s final declaration.

By: Stephane Rottier and Nicolas Véron Topic: Banking and capital markets, Global economy and trade Date: September 9, 2010
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Policy Brief

Not all financial regulation is global

Financial regulation at global level has been high on the G20 agenda. However, financial multipolarity, with the rise of emerging economies, and its impact on decision-making at global level has made global convergence difficult. In this policy brief, the authors, Bruegel Senior Fellow Nicolas Véron and Stéphane Rottier, National Bank of Belgium, explain why now is the time to focus on building stronger global public institutions, ensuring globally consistent financial information, creating globally integrated capital-markets infrastructure and addressing competitive distortions among global capital-market intermediaries to set the foundation for global harmonisation of all aspects of financial regulation.

By: Nicolas Véron and Stephane Rottier Topic: Banking and capital markets Date: August 30, 2010