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Sebastian Steffen

Researcher, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

Sebastian Steffen is a Ph.D. candidate at MIT Sloan in the Information Technologies (IT) group and a graduate research fellow at the MIT IDE and the Stanford Digital Economy Lab. His research focuses on the Future of Work and how information and automation technologies transform society—specifically, Sebastian studies the effects of technological change on labour market outcomes, firms, and the acquisition of skills and human capital. In his work, Sebastian typically leverages large datasets, such as online job postings or user profiles. In 2018, he interned with LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team and continues to study how career paths and labour mobility have changed over time with the team.

Before joining MIT in 2016, Sebastian worked as an research assistant at the Microsoft Research New England Lab and worked on several projects, including the impact of news aggregators on internet news consumption and the effect of twitter campaigns on immunizations. In 2013, Sebastian received a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University after moving to the US from Germany.

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Inclusive growth

Concentration of artificial intelligence and other frontier IT skills

Online job postings indicate that demand from top tech firms for frontier IT skills is about double their demand for other IT skills. This could indicate increasing concentration of skills in a few firms, with other firms left behind.

By: Wang Jin, Georgios Petropoulos and Sebastian Steffen Topic: Digital economy and innovation, Inclusive growth Date: October 21, 2021