External speakers

Péter Kaderják

Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary

Dr. Péter Kaderják is the Minister of State for Energy Affairs and Climate Policy, in the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. He is Ph.D. in Management and Business Administration and MSc in economics, both from Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. He has been the Director of REKK, the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research at the Corvinus University of Budapest from 2004 to 2018. Formerly he had several positions in public administration. Among others, he served as the President of the Hungarian Energy Office and as a member of ACER’s Board of Appeal (2011-16). He is directing a postgraduate program in Energy Economics at Corvinus and training director for the Energy Regulators Regional Association. He is a regular lecturer at the Florence School of Regulation and member of its Policy Advisory Council. His major research fields are energy economics, energy security, regulation and environmental economics.