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Loris Rubini

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Loris Rubini is Assistant Professor of Economics at Universidad Carlos III, Madrid. His
research focuses onmacroeconomics, international trade and innovation. He has held
a visiting position at The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. He received his PhD in
Economics fromArizona State University.

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Italy and Spain "must break down barriers to growth"

The current crisis afflicting the eurozone has brought the economic convergence between southern and northern Europe to a grinding halt. The Mediterranean countries are, once again, starting to fall behind. While this deepening rift may be partly due to the flawed design on the euro, there are clearly other factors as well that have kept the so-called PIGS – Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain – from catching up. Identifying the barriers to growth in those countries is therefore key.

By: Klaus Desmet and Loris Rubini Topic: Digital economy and innovation Date: September 10, 2012
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Breaking down the barriers to firmgrowth in Europe The fourth EFIGE policy report

This report is the sixth and last in a series devoted to the firm-level determinants of export and economic performance. The series started in 2007 with the Happy Few report. It is based on the EFIGE survey of European firms organised by a Bruegel-led team of European researchers from seven centres, with the support of the European Commission and the UniCredit Group.

By: Loris Rubini, Klaus Desmet, Facundo Piguillem and Aranzazu Crespo Topic: Digital economy and innovation Date: August 28, 2012